Friday, February 15, 2013

This is me

I've decided to start a blog.  Yes, I'm going to be just like every other girl I went to high school with.  Except for one thing: I'm not like every other girl I went to high school with... I'm a lil bit redneckish!  What is redneckish? Well, I'm here to show you.  It's a perfect phrase my friend Toni Sue came up with.  And, I couldn't be described in a more perfect way!  Thanks Miss Toni! For any of you folks out there who are from Arizona, when you hear the words "Apache Junction" or "AJ" you immediately think trailer park and white trash.  It's horrible to say, but all you Arizonans out there know it's true.  Its a stereotype the city has been given for years.  As long as I can remember.  Guess what?  I live in Apache Junction.  Guess what else?  I'm not white trash... I'm just a lil bit redneckish! :)  Here, I will be sharing my adventures in fixing up our house, hair tips {IDOHAIR}, fashion, crafts, and whatever other random thing my heart desires that day!
"You've got to be your own man, not a puppet on a string"
-Aaron Tippin, You've Got To Stand For Somethin