Sunday, May 19, 2013

America the Beautiful

I'm so obsessed with this I can hardly stand it.  We've had a huge bare wall in desparate need of something since we moved in almost 2 years ago.  Everything I put there just seemed to be too small, insignificant, or just not quite right.  It needed something BIG.  something that made a statement and made you want to shout "holy crap i love it!"  [i get a little excited about finding the perfect peice for my house sometimes]  lets be real here- something BIG that makes you say that, usually comes with a pretty chunky pricetag, and I dont have a pretty chunky bank account to match that.  what's a girl to do?! make it herself, of course!
have i ever mentioned how much i LoVe wood? let me tell you : i LoVe WoOd! with a passion.  If every piece of furniture in my house could be made of wood, i'd be happy as a clam.  and the great thing about it? my hubs also loves wood. sCoRe! we agree on wood :)  SO i decided the perfect thing to be on that huge empty wall was going to be made of wood.  i considered a large family portrait on wood, a cute quote, or even a large mirror with thick wood around the edges.  nothing really made that glory *AuHhHhhHH* sound to me though. 
UnTiL: this bad boy here.  the perfect addition - seriously.
and knowing that i made it myself?  even better!
the whole thing was made by hand, plank by plank.
i drew the map {free handed it, hence the imperfections of the east coast.  but i've never even seen the east coast, so i still like it!}
painted, sanded, and stained the whole thing.
hanging hardware: screws and an industrial chain the hubby had in the garage.

detail of Arizona: a lil heart to mark {HoMe}

my 4 yr old keeps calling it our treasure map, and the heart is the "X"
i definitely see a future of some more of these planked signs in my house!
i'll be sure to keep you updated!