Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cutoff Tutorial

Well guys, tonight I'm gonna teach ya how to make bad ass cutoffs for next to nothin. I'm obsessed with mine and literally am caught wearing them every weekend. No joke. It's a good thing I'm usually the one behind the camera so there's no evidence of this.  So- here's what ya need:

Optional Items:
Fabric Markers
Rit Dye
....any other random add-ons your ❤ desires.

Take your jeans and try them on. Pick the length you want your shorts and make a small line with a pen. Take the jeans off, turn them inside out and fold the pockets up. Nothin worse than pockets cut in half! Anyways... Cut your pants, one leg at a time. Now... This is important: TRY THE SHORTS ON AGAIN TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE RIGHT LENGTH! It's better to have to cut them a lil shorter than to end up at the point of no return and havin to trash what had been a perfect pair of jeans.  Easy peasy!
Now the fun part- customizing them! I really love the bleached out look, so on mine I bleached out just the bottom half (dip dyed). For this, you use the same technique as tie dying. I put an elastic around the center of the shorts and sat them in a mixture of mostly bleach diluted with a little bit of water. I left them there for about 10-12 min, monitoring the process to make sure it didn't start to eat away at the denim.
Once that was done, I cut the elastic from the shorts and ran the shorts through the washing machine and dryer. Result? Perfect color and perfect fray! Woot woo! I wanted to a lil more pizazz to them tho [yes, I just said pizazz] so I got some Crayola fabric markers and made one side striped and the other stars. I wanted them to have a more distressed look {man are those markers bright!} so I ran them through the washing machine again with a lil bleach. I couldn't be more pleased with how they look! I also have a pair of just dip-bleached. Check em out! which do you prefer??  The possibilities are endless.  I foresee a summer of me in cutoffs everyday.... sorry!  {no I'm not}

PS: my sister found a similar style to the flag shorts pictured above at Kohls in the girls department for $30. I like my free and hand-made ones :)

"Brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue"
Toby Keith

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