Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cut em off

We all know that trends make their loop.  Something comes in to style, it fades away, and 20 or so years later its back again.  Let me just say - I absolutely am loving that the late 80's/90's are back!  The high waist cut offs, the crop tops, dip-dyes, studded jeans, and lets not forget the colored skinny jeans.  Something else that I'm loving right now?  It's cool to be redneckish.  That's right.  COOL to be redneck.  And when I think about it, I'd say I have the bearded fellas from Duck Dynasty to thank for that.  Or maybe its the producers who decided these hilarious men needed a show that I should be thanking?  Nah, I'd like thank the ones who are just out there bein themselves...  Thanks Robinson brothers!  Anywho...... Cowgirl boots, jeans, and tanks are three main staples in my wardrobe, and have been for as long as I can remember.  Lately, everytime I scroll through my instagram feed I'm tickled pink to see that major retailers are now marketing this look.  I have noticed though, that to appeal to that teenager within us {or literally to the teenager} they haven't quite branched in to calling it "western" or "cowgirl" and especially not "backwoods" or "redneck", ha!!, but rather its called the "festival style".  I don't care what ya'll call it, I'm diggin that its in!! AZ temps have already been at the top end of the 90s {yeah... its barely May.  its gonna be a toasty summer!}  so I'm loving that I get to rock the cutoffs without gettin dirty looks.  I'm not tryin to compete with Daisy Duke, no one will ever be able to rock the Dukes like that lady!  [except Jessica Simpson of course, admit it - she kicked ass in those shorts in DOH.  You can refresh your memory here  *girlcrush*] But we can have fun trying, right?!  Later this week I'll post a lil tute on how to make the perfect cutoffs for yourself.  No need to spend $40 on those ones in the boutiques.  I've made some fab ones that I'm literally obsessed with and wear any chance I get.  I need to hit up Goodwill and find a few cheapy jeans to convert.  Dont Forget though ***Keep it redneckish ladies: take those perf pair of jeans that are barely hangin by a thread, cut em up, personalize em, make em fun, and wear em out!  I'll help ya out with the details and give you some ideas to get them creative juices flowing!

"Can I get a hand clap
For the way I work my back
with my Daisy Dukes on"
-Jessica Simson, These Boots Are Made For Walkin

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